Kat Hasty Announces ‘Midland EP’ Coming Out July 7th, Says She’s Going Back To “Singer-Songwriter” Roots

Kat Hasty country music

To those begging for new music from Kat Hasty, do we have some good news for you.

The Midland, Texas native took some time out of her day at HWY30 Fest to chat with Whiskey Riff about life on the road, women in country music, how being a mother changed her as an artist, and much more, but maybe the most exciting answer she gave was when asked if any new music was coming soon.

After releasing her long awaited debut album in 2021 titled Drowning In Dreamsthings really picked up from a touring perspective, including her first headlining run of clubs. She parlayed that with a few singles, the most recent being “Damn Fine Living” from earlier this year, but still no real word on a sophomore project.

That is until now.

Kat Hasty broke the news that she has a three-song EP named after her hometown coming out on July 7th, and spoke on bringing it back to a style that suits her best, away from heavy studio production that she said just didn’t feel like her.

“I released three songs, “Damn Fine Living”, “Bleed For You”, and “Burn In Down” and those were kind of my intro into full production. But, as many of you know, I have been posing new music for a long time.

Over the past couple years behind the scenes, I have been going into so many studios, doing so much work in the studio and just honestly couldn’t get it right.

It doesn’t feel like me. I feel I best express myself in a singer-songwriter, stripped down production… I am going back to the stripped down stuff, I feel like that’s more me. 

This next EP is gonna be just me and a guitar… I’m going back to my roots.”

Like I told Kat, I am PUMPED for this.

If there’s an artist set up for a big time explosion, it’s Kat Hasty, and going back to just her and a guitar is sure to help that cause.

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