Kat Hasty Drops Studio Version Of “Bleed For You” From Upcoming Album ‘The Last Of My Youth’

Kat Hasty is back at it, releasing her latest single “Bleed For You.”

Hasty, an up-and-coming West Texas artist, is one of the genre’s best kept secrets and with music like this she is bound to blow up soon.

With a relatively small catalog of music, Hasty’s first release was the three song Drowning in Dreams, Pt. 1 in March 2020 and she has been off and running ever since. She followed that up with Drowning in Dreams, Pt. 2 a month later and then Drowning in Dreams, Pt. 3 hit streaming platforms in April 2021.

Aside from the release of her live OurVinyl Sessions recordings in 2021 and into 2022, this is all Hasty has put out to the world.

And just when her loyal fans were starting to get restless, she hit us with the studio single for “Bleed For You,” which was also included as one of her OurVinyl releases in 2021. The studio version, though, is hard to beat.

A cut from her upcoming studio album, The Last Of My Youth, her first ever full-production studio album.

Hasty’s song content generally deals with heavy, introspective subjects such as love and relationships, and “Bleed For You” is no exception. It is a spectacular showcase of Hasty’s songwriting ability and her passionate vocals that compliment each other so seamlessly.

The melody is catchy, the lyrics are well-written, and the great Kat Hasty is on vocals.

“I could outrun the sun, I could outrun any man
But baby when you call my name I don’t stand a chance
It’s been years and it’s been miles and it’s been hell
But I would rather bleed for you than love somebody else…”

What else could you ask for in a song?

If you aren’t familiar with Kat Hasty yet, go listen to her other music, too.

You’ll be glad you did.

Here is her most popular song to date, “Pretty Things.”

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