On This Date: Conway Twitty Was #1 On Country Charts With “Hello Darlin'” In 1970

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Conway Twitty’s classic, baritone country stylings will stand the test of time, and his song “Hello Darlin'” is arguably his most recognizable.

The tune was written and recorded by Twitty in 1969, and the song was released as the title track for the album Hello Darlin’ in 1970. Critics and fans loved the steadily placed rhythm of the Conway song, quickly running it up to the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Singles chart.

It held the spot for an impressive four straight weeks during the summer, and the song’s success didn’t stop there. Later in the year, “Hello Darlin'” was named the number one song of 1970, officially making it Twitty’s signature song. After its incredible opening success, Twitty made it standard for the song to be his concert opener.

The song itself is a great way to open up to an audience, and it also is a beautifully told story of running into someone from your past who you just aren’t over yet.

“Hello Darlin'” begins with a typical “tough guy” reaction to seeing a former flame, then quickly tumbles into a disaster-like emotional spillover, with Twitty writing that he’s doing terrible and can barely sleep at night after the breakup.

The lyrics sing:

“Hello darlin’Nice to see youIt’s been a long timeYou’re just as lovelyAs you used to be

How’s your new loveAre you happyHope your doin’ fineJust to know itMeans so much to me

What’s that darlin’How am I doin’I’m doin’ alright except I can’t sleepAnd I cry all night ’til dawn

What I’m trying to say is I love you and I miss youAnd I’m so sorry that I did you wrong”

The lyrics go on to voice how sorrowful Twitty is in regards to the behavior that led to the breakup, and even solemnly states that he’ll be waiting for the old flame if she ever gets out of the relationship that she was in.

If you’ve never heard it before, prepare to be amazed by Conway Twitty’s soothing, iconic voice in “Hello Darlin’:”

And I can’t help but mention that the older generations undoubtedly know Conway Twitty from his legendary run as a country music artist, but younger people most likely recognize him from (believe it or not) a popular cartoon.

Family Guy.

There’s been a longtime, running joke that show creator Seth MacFarlane has inserted into his long running cartoon show on FOX.

In various, unexpected moments during episodes of the show, characters in the scene randomly introduce Conway Twitty, who then slides in to perform a song from his expansive catalogue.

Like this clip below:

Also, I’m getting Conway Twitty vibes from Danny McBride’s character, Jesse Gemstone, on the hilarious HBO show, The Righteous Gemstones.

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