Groundhog Raids Delaware Garden & Eats Right In Front Of Their Surveillance Camera


Looks like everyday is Groundhog’s Day for this little guy. I’ve never seen an animal be this cocky about stealing some vegetables.

Rabbits, groundhogs, and other smaller rodents and animals are commonly known to wreak havoc on gardens. However, it’s not exactly common for them to then rub it in the garden owner’s face about it.

This pesky groundhog found a “honey hole” in a Delaware garden, and it is not ashamed to show off a bit. The owner of the garden set up a surveillance camera to try and catch a glimpse the crop-stealing-culprit, and that they did.

Plenty of great angles with plenty of different garden vegetables were available thanks to the groundhog’s hilarious dinner reservation right in front of the camera every time it stopped by to eat.

The groundhog has quite the varied palette, trying just about anything and everything from juicy tomatoes and carrots to melons and apples. It even brings a long a “friend” from time to time to join in on the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Watching the laugh-out-loud video will certainly bring a smile to your face. I’m not sure why the groundhog decided to eat each and every meal while looking directly into the camera, but that’s exactly what it did.

Also, seeing it pop up every time with a different fruit or vegetable of choice makes for quite the entertaining footage (especially when it chows down on a melon of some sort).

There’s a good chance it has no idea what its doing as it stands in front of the camera, but it sure does feel like the groundhog is doing it on purpose.

The owner eventually named the groundhog “Chunk,” and even set out a hilarious place setting so that the rodent can eat its fresh meals properly.

When it chows on a carrot in the last part of the video, something spooks it and it drops the vegetable, running back to the safety of its home, which appears to be underneath the gardener’s shed.

Set up shop pretty close to where it gets its meals. You’ve got to hand it to the groundhog, it’s pretty intelligent.

Take a look at the funny clip below:

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