Wake Forest Player Busts Out Raunchy (And Weird) Locker Room Celebration After Beating LSU In College World Series

Wake Forest Baseball
Will Andrews

Wake Forest getting crazy with the postgame celly.

One of the hottest teams in baseball, they entered the postseason as the number one team in the country, with a 47‑10 record. They only lost  nine games in the regular season, and one more in the ACC Tournament on their way to the College World Series.

For one of the smallest power five schools in all of the country, it’s been one heckuva ride for the Demon Deacons, and landed them in a tough CWS matchup against the LSU Tigers on Monday night.

And that incredible ride (emphasis on “RIDE”) continued last night against LSU, as they beat the Tigers 3-2 last night, after going down 2-0 in the 3rd inning.

And the Deacs were HYPE.

I mean c’mon, if you were a college baseball player and just made a comeback win in the biggest game of your life, you would be hype too, right?

Okay, okay, I don’t know about THIS hype.

After the game, a video was leaked of one of Wake’s players doing one of the most sus celebrations I’ve ever seen.

You can see in the leaked video footage Wake’s star player Danny Corona jump into the lap of a fellow player, and start thrusting his man parts into his teammate’s face…

It was… umm… something…

Now, if you’ve ever experienced a male sport’s locker room before, you know some wild stuff goes down. And when I say wild stuff, I mean the infamous towel whip that’ll leave a mark for a week, stealing a teammate’s clothes and other pranks, as well as crazy celebrations and just overall, being goofy.

But I must say… this is a first for me.

Of course, the ol’ phrase “locker room talk” implies that what happens in the locker room should stay in the locker room, and this is exactly why… maybe keep this one off Snapchat, eh fellas?

The reactions were as you’d expect:

That being said, baseball is one of those sports, perhaps more than just about any other, where you need to find ways to get the team going. Think about it, the team spends half of the game standing around waiting to bat, and if you’re in the outfield and don’t get a lot of action, you spend most of the game standing around.

The teams that find ways to stay loose and have fun, while still being disciplined about the task at hand, generally find success.

Although, maybe this is a little too much fun…

Wake Forest will look to keep the momentum going tomorrow when they take on the winner of tonight’s rematch between Tennessee and LSU.

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