Veronika Rajek, Model Previously Linked To Tom Brady, Breaks Her Teeth In Nasty E-Scooter Accident

Veronika Rakej Tom Brady
Veronika Rajek

Last football season, a woman by the name of Veronika Rajek began going viral, after she basically confessed her love for Tom Brady on Instagram.

“I saw the LEGEND, and if somebody asks me again if I love Brady, yes I love him, and show me somebody who doesn’t.

Even his haters love him because they know he is the (GOAT). Tom Brady thank you for an amazing show.”

In fact, it caused so much of a stir that it was believed the two may be dating (they weren’t).

She also went viral on the internet for claiming her body was “too dangerous” for the internet, and also admitted she got big boobs after drinking some of her dad’s beer one day and BOOM.

With that being said, the Slovakian model is making headlines once again, but this time, it’s because she got absolutely wrecked while on an e-scooter, resulting in her breaking some teeth.

She wrote in a Instagram story:

“A lot of you have been asking what happened. I’d be really happy to tell you some thrilling story, and put me into the Chuck Norris role, but I had such a coincidental e-scooter accident.

I cannot believe that such a weird set of things happened to me.”

And in one swift instance she recalled:

“Long story short: I went to Gelato La Romana for my usual crepe ice cream. After I finished, I opened the city Lime E-Scooter, hopped on, crossed the road through city tram rails and after that I just remember white pedestrian cross walk and my face kissing the street asphalt.”

She continued:

“I flew 4m (13ft) and I maintained in a lying position for 4-5 minutes, traumatized and shook. I was totally in shock, friends talking to me if I react and if I can move, but the only thing what I was looking for were my 2 busted teeth.

Nobody from my friends who was with me also on the e-scooters, did not understand what happened, but later that night we reorganized that on that white cross walk was painted in white, manhole steel drain, and I was crossing the rails, the grease from the tram fork with combination of slippery white painted steel drain cause the scooter just slip underneath me and dragged me down with its weight to the ground.”

Although she’s a little messed up right now, she vowed:

“I will fix my smile and my life goes back on track asap. That’s life (poop emoji) happens.”

You truly hate to see it.

She shared a picture of the damage to her Instagram stories:

Veronika Rajek

And the scene of the crime:


Send up your thoughts and prayers for Ms. Veronika, and lets hope she can make a full recovery.

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