Nevada Brothel Offers To Treat The Las Vegas Golden Knights To “Dozens Of Ladies… Every Carnal Delight” After Stanley Cup Win

Las Vegas Golden Knights
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And I thought the free lap dances for life was one helluva incentive…

Before the Las Vegas Golden Knights squared off against the Florida Panthers for the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, Golden Knights players were given a little extra motivation by one local Vegas business…

And by local business, I mean Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a local strip joint in Las Vegas.

The popular gentleman’s club offered the team free Platinum membership, along with free lap dances FOR LIFE.

Sure enough, the Golden Knights dismantled the Panthers, blowing them out in the last game 9-3 to win the series 4-1.

So, you can imagine a handful of the players made their way to ol’ Larry Flynt’s after the series, which is only a few short minutes away from the team’s home arena, T-Mobile Arena.

However, free lap dances and Platinum membership isn’t the only benefit the team has now received for the W…

Because according to TMZ, the Golden Knights have now earned a big old fashioned sex party from a notable Las Vegas-area brothel, courtesy of Alice Little.

Little, a well-known YouTuber and sex worker, told the outlet:

“We here in Sin City love the Golden Knights more than life itself. I cannot express in words the joy I feel now the team won their first-ever Stanley Cup, so I’m going to express it through my actions.”

Little says she’s the highest-grossing sex worker in Nevada history, and she’s offering the “most extravagant, orgiastic sex party” the team will ever see at the Chicken Ranch Brothel’s 40-acre campus and VIP Bungalows.

She continued:

“Dozens of ladies, myself included, are ready and waiting at the Chicken Ranch to treat the Knights to any and every carnal delight, and there will be absolutely no penalties for misconduct.

The brothel is all yours boys! Free of charge! It’s on me!”

She also mentioned the idea of creating VIP cards for the team, so they will have year-found complimentary access to the brothel’s VIP events and its “Eyes Wide Shut”-style sex sprees.

Man, oh man…  the temptation in Sin City just got even higher.

It’s hilarious how championship winning teams in Chicago get free hot dogs for life, or maybe some deep dish pizza, champs in Boston get a truckload of Sam Adams… New York, Los Angeles, every city has their thing.

But Las Vegas? They offer up something that’ll get you arrested to 49 other states… it’s unreal.

Don’t tell William Karlsson…

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