Las Vegas Golden Knights Have Officially Won The Stanley Cup…. And Free Lap Dances For Life At Vegas Strip Club

Las Vegas Golden Knights NHL
Sam Hodde/NHLI via Getty Images

I don’t care if you’re a hockey fan or not. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the Las Vegas Golden Knights handed the Florida Panthers a beatdown in the Stanley Cup Finals, winning the series 4-1, and sealing the deal with a blowout 9-3 win last night.

It almost felt like there was some extra motivation coming from the Golden Knights players, right?

Besides getting to claim they’re the 2023 NHL Stanley Cup champs, and even the tons of extra money they’ll earn from winning it all, they also cashed in on one other incentive…

Each player will now get a free lap dance for life at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club (AKA strip club).

A couple weeks back, the club said that they were offering the team a:

“Platinum VIP membership access and free lap dances for life in hopes of a championship win.”

Brittany Rose, General Manager of the club also added:

The success of the Vegas Golden Knights has played an integral role in boosting our community’s morale.

As the first professional sports team to debut in Las Vegas, we decided to show our support by extending free lap dances for life in efforts to help motivate and lead the (team) to victory.”

Needless to say, the Golden Knights are set.

I mean, does it get anymore upper echelon at a strip club than receiving free platinum membership and free lap dances for life?

Not to mention, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is only a few short minutes away from the Golden Knights’ home arena, T-Mobile Arena. I can imagine you’ll see some Golden Knight frequent flyers over at ol’ Larry Flynt’s.

It’s gotta feel like Christmas Day for these guys.

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