Drake White Teases Unreleased Song For The Nomadic Spirits Like Him

Drake White
Drake White

You can’t find a more soulful voice in all of country music than Drake White and you will not convince me otherwise.

Still on the mend from his horrific onstage collapse in 2019 from a condition called AVM where the blood vessels in the brain become tangled and cut off its blood supply.

He detailed this awful ordeal on the Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, so give that a listen if you’re not familiar with the story.

While he still can’t play the guitar, his voice is as good as ever, as we saw on his album The Optimysticwhich he released in early 2022, and just today he released a teaser of an unreleased song that I’m already loving.

It’s a song for those with a nomadic spirit and love life on the road, which says is a category he’s always fit in.

Recorded in what appears to be a church, the rawness and reverb are the perfect setting to let the power in Drake’s voice shine.

“Say I’m drawn to the secrets
Of them breeze right through ’em towns
Where there’s old men at the court house
And the kids don’t hand around
They don’t want my kinda speed
So let them horses run
I’m just a roundabout cowboy
Gunnin’ for the sun

When I get lost in the wheel
Yeah go on and say goodbye
I can’t seem to settle down
So I don’t even try”

Solid stuff.

Hopefully this is a sign that we’ll be getting some more Drake White music soon, which I couldn’t be more excited for.

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