Koe Wetzel Puts His Own Unique And Colorful Spin On David Allan Coe’s 1975 Hit, “You Never Even Called Me By My Name”

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Bubba Sellars

David Allan Koe, if you will.

Here lately, Koe Wetzel has been pulling out all the stops at his live shows with some great covers, and he recently performed his own, very unique rendition of David Allan Coe’s country classic “You Never Even Called Me by My Name.”

The song was written by Steve Goodman and John Prine, though Prine did not want to be credited as a writer on the song because he thought it was “goofy” and didn’t want to offend the country music community, as it was originally written as more of a parody than anything else.

Goodman released the song on his self-titled 1971 debut album, but of course, it was made most famous by Coe when he included it on his 1975 Once Upon a Rhyme album. It peaked at #8 on the Billboard country singles charts later that year.

And at a recent tour stop in Texas, where he also covered Lit’s 1999 hit “My Own Worst Enemy,” Koe did his own little cover of David Allan Coe’s hit, adding a bit of colorful language with his own lyrics at the end:

“You slutty ass b*tch, you f*cking slutty ass b*tch…”

I mean, probably not too far off from something Coe would sing, too, honestly:

@codiwatkins #koewetzel singing #davidallencoe #youneverevencalledmebymyname #thewoodlandstx #koewetzelconcert #koewetzel2023 #sluttyassbitch ♬ original sound – Codi Watkins

Here’s another clip with a different part of the song:

@alyssawysong My heart 😍 #daddykoe #koewetzel #fyp #fyp #davidallencoe ♬ original sound – alyssa

Let’s cue it up…

And speaking of wild things Koe has said and done, check out a little bit of the background from yours truly on his fan-favorite song “Cabo,” from his 2022 Hell Paso record:

@whiskeyriff Behind the song: “Cabo” by Koe Wetzel 🎶 Read the full article on WhiskeyRiff.com #whiskeyriff #fyp #behindthesong #cabo #koewetzel #koe #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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