CMA Fest Beer Vendor Sings Along With Megan Moroney’s “Tennessee Orange” And Doesn’t Miss A Word While Making The Sale

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Acacia Evans/CMA and irene.caffrey/TikTok

Talk about making the most out of your job.

The unsung heroes of concerts and sporting events are always the guys and gals selling the beer. They carry those heavy trays through the stands so you don’t have to miss a minute of the show, or they have to stand in the concourse and miss the entire thing themselves, working and just listening while everybody else is having a good time just a few feet away from them.

All to make sure that we stay hydrated – and buzzed – during the show.

Well this beer vendor from CMA Fest this past weekend wasn’t going to let the fact that she couldn’t see the show stop her from enjoying the music – and putting on her own show.

Video posted to TikTok shows the vendor selling a beer in the concourse at Nissan Stadium while Megan Moroney performs “Tennessee Orange” – and this woman’s just singing her heart out and not missing a word as she completes the sale.

@irene.caffrey Went for a drink and got a whole show Truly amazing staff at CMA’s @Nissan Stadium #cmafest #meganmaroney #tennesseeorange #nashville #trulyseltzer ♬ original sound – Irene

Selling beer and putting on a show. That’s somebody who DEFINITELY deserves a tip.

And the video even captured the attention of Megan Moroney herself, who commented:

“This just made my whole day!”

Of course we’ve seen examples in the past of people getting jobs as security guards when they weren’t able to get tickets to shows. But it seems like this woman, identified as Calandra by the woman who took the video, just enjoys her job and listening to the music.

Hopefully next time Megan Moroney’s playing in Nashville she gets to watch it and sing along from inside the venue. But you can’t help but smile as you watch her making the most of the show as she sells beer from the concourse.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock