Lynx Jumps From Tree Top To Tree Top Chasing Squirrel  

Lynx climbing a tree
Ken Nicholson

I don’t think he got ’em this time.

What a hunt though… right to the tree tops.

This is something that you just can’t make up and that people don’t see.

Lynx are rare enough to come across, let alone seeing something like this.

Canada lynx are medium -sized wild cat that is similar to bobcats but slightly larger. They can weigh up to 30 pounds and are made for hunting. Their back legs are powerful and made for springing towards their prey in a flash in all directions.

These cats are like all of their relatives and are proficient hunters. They eat anything they can take down from mice to the odd deer, although they are known for their love of snowshoe hare.

Like many cats, they can run, jump and climb like experts. This helps them survive in the harshest environments. They use their sharp claws to climb and kill. While using their legs to help jump up to 8 feet in a single leap.

These folks came across something amazing… a lynx hunting.

And not just hunting but way up in a tree chasing his prey.

The lynx is seen in a small tree trying to get its footing as a squirrel is up even higher hoping for its dear life that the cat can’t get any higher.

The lynx jumps to the next tree. The squirrel abandons ship and jumps to the ground as the lynx is closer.

The cat follows it down in spectacular fashion.

That is one cool cat.

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