Lainey Wilson Braved Torrential Downpour To Keep Performing At Carolina Country Music Fest

Lainey Wilson country MUsic
Jenny Dotson

Taking dedication to a whole new level.

This past weekend Lainey Wilson took the stage at Carolina Country Music Fest right after her appearances at CMA Fest. With the Carolina Country Music Fest being located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the beach town is prone to killer summer storms.

One of which rolled in right during Lainey Wilson’s stage time.

Many artists would have called it because of the extreme weather conditions, but Wilson was there to put on a show for those who paid to see her, and she would make sure that happened.

The light rain at the beginning of the set allowed her band to play backup, but as the rain continued to pick up, the band quickly started covering their instruments and other equipment and calling it quits.

@jennydotson1 Lainey Wilson killed it last night even in the pooring rain!! #laineywilson #ccmf2023 ♬ original sound – Jenny Dotson

Wilson, though, kept going as the rain was coming down sideways. She turned what started as a full band set into a killer acapella show.

At one point during her final song, “Heart Like A Truck,” she pauses to say to the crowd:

“Y’all sing it with me like a redneck choir.”

@thealexisgerry We’ve been to a lot of concerts, but never have we seen someone so amazing as @laineywilsonmusic ! Both times we’ve seen her, she’s gone above and beyond! She sang for us while her band and crew raced to keep instruments dry. It POURED, but she kept singing in the rain with her fans! THIS is why we love her! #sheaintnodiva #redneckchoir #ccmf2023 #sheaintscaredofnorain #fastlainers @Carolina Country Music Fest ♬ original sound – thealexisgerry

Lainey Wilson is just the real deal.

Not only does this show how much she cares for her fans, but it also shows her professionalism. The wind was whipping with huge drops of rain coming down, her band running for cover while trying to save their equipment, and Wilson didn’t miss a damn beat.

Let’s not forget that this is not Wilson’s first run-in with performing in the rain. Last year during the CMT Awards, Wilson braved the elements for a performance off Broadway of “WWDD.”

It’s for reasons like this we love Lainey Wilson.

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