Chris Pratt Says Every Dad “Fantasizes” About What They’d Do If Somebody F*cked With Their Kids: “Where’s The Duct Tape? How Deep Is The Trunk?”

Chris Pratt Terminal List
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Chris Pratt telling it like it is.

For those men out there who have children (including those who plan to have children one day), and see some horrific headline on TV about something a dead to the world, scumbag did to somebody else’s kids, you’ve probably all wondered what y’all would do if y’all just got five minutes in a room with one of those freaks.

With that being said, famed actor Chris Pratt didn’t hold back in a recent interview with Men’s Journal, admitting that those thoughts have crossed his mind several times over the years, considering he’s the father of three children himself.

The question was brought about in response to his hit Prime Video series, The Terminal List, based on the novel by former Navy SEAL Jack Carr.

“Some critic said something like it was an ‘unhinged revenge fantasy.’ And, to be honest, that’s exactly what it is in a way. Whenever you’re put in a position, or even imagine a position, where those kids are in danger, your mind goes to wild places.

I mean if I was put through the situations that James was in, I would probably do the same f*cking thing. I think that’s why those storylines resonate so strongly with fathers.

I think every dad secretly fantasizes about what they would do if someone ever f*cked with their kids. Your partner sees you staring off into the distance and says, ‘Honey, what are you thinking about?’ And you say, ‘Oh, nothing.’

But what you’re really thinking is, ‘Where’s the duct tape and how deep is the trunk?’ I think that’s most dads. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m revealing something here!

But as someone who’s talked to a lot of dads, I think we all ask ourselves what we would do. That’s one of the reasons Liam Neeson’s movie ‘Taken’ was such a hit. Us dads are just like, ‘Yes! Get ’em! Use that special set of skills.'”

Of course, he’s one hundred percent correct.

But the fantasy doesn’t come from thinking about something bad happening to your kids, or dwelling on that. It comes from that deep down fear that you won’t be able to do anything, because you know that you don’t have that “particular set of skills” that Liam Neeson’s character has in Taken, or the skills that an operator like James Reece has in The Terminal List.

They say you don’t understand your capacity to love until you have children, but same goes for your capacity for violence, your capacity for protection of the ones you love… the capacity for that dark side to come out.

Even Eric Church wrote a song about it, affectionately titled, “Dark Side.”

Here’s a look at the final verse:

“All you thugs and ugly mugs dealing drugs and making noiseYou can kill each other all you want but if you touch my little boyYou’ll be beggin’ for this bullet will be the last thing that you seeBefore I let my dark side… come out to play…”

About sums it up…

Back to Chris Pratt…

He also admitted that having kids has changed his perception of the roles he wants to play in movies:

“In the same way that being a father changes the kind of actor you are, it can definitely change the kinds of roles you want to be involved in.

I’ve found myself wanting to do more PG movies. I see a lot because my kids want to watch them, and to be honest, some of them are bad. And I’m sitting there thinking, This is terrible.

So at the same time as wanting to make movies that would entertain my kids, I’m also thinking about creating movies that are merciful on the parents.”

Well said… I think parents everywhere can appreciate that sentiment.

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