Muscadine Bloodline Officially Tease Emo Covers Project: “I Had A Dream We… Recorded Some Emo Songs”

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Chuck and Gary, better known as Muscadine Bloodline, one of the best country music duos in the business, have been sharing a number of great acoustic covers that will take you right back to the peak of your teenage angst and the nostalgia of your formidable middle school years.

We’re talking covers of punk rock and emo classics from bands like Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182… and it quickly became crystal clear that this was a project worth pursuing.

The comment section exploded after they shared acoustic covers of Blink-182’s “Adam Song” and Yellowcard’s “Only One,” and they immediately became inundated with song requests. But then, they asked fans what they wanted to hear.

Could they actually be taking these songs into the studio?

Sure as hell seems like it.

In their latest post, they channeled their inner Mayday Parade with what appears to be an album cover and the caption:

“I had a dream we… recorded some emo songs”

The caption being a nod to Mayday Parade’s “Jamie All Over”

So we’re either the victim of a cruel prank, of the Bama boys are really doing the damn thing.

Fingers crossed… stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out some of their acoustic covers so far:

Jimmy Eat World – “Hear You Me”


Mayday Parade – “Jamie All Over.”

Yellowcard – “Only One”

Blink 182 – “Adam’s Song”

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