Aaron Rodgers Was Dancing His A** Off To Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” At Her Concert At MetLife Stadium

Aaron Rodgers Taylor Swift concert

Looks like Aaron Rodgers is having one helluva time now that he’s officially a New York Jet.

After a tumultuous past few months for the former Green Bay Packers quarterback, the man has finally found a new home after a lot of thought and meditation, which included a four day long “isolation retreat,” where he spent time by himself in complete darkness in southern Oregon.

Now that his new home is in New York, he’s spending his time the best way he knows how…

And that’s by going to a Taylor Swift concert and dancing his ass off.

This past Saturday, Swift played a show at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the home of both the New York Giants and the Jets.

Of course, Rodgers has never been shy about his love for T-Swift, as he recently claimed on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio that he’s a “big fan,” and when he was asked if he was going to the concert, he said:

“For sure. Of course.”

He also said he’s a big fan of her Folklore album, and loves the song “August.”

Sure enough, the quarterback was seen with a beer in his hand, and dancing to Swift’s hit song, “Shake It Off.”

Just see for yourself:

Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll Blasts Taylor Swift During Practice

Man, the tide has turned for the New York Giants over the past couple of seasons.

Flashback to 2021 when the Giants’ culture was at its lowest, with head coach Joe Judge calling a quarterback sneak on third and a million from their own goal line.

And here we are in 2023, and the switch appears to have officially flipped.

The Giants had their best season in years last season under new head coach Brian Daboll, going 9-7-1, and things are finally looking up in the Big Apple.

Daboll said in a press conference that he’ll be playing Taylor Swift during practice today, in honor of going to see the popstar play at MetLife Stadium Memorial Day weekend with his daughter.

First off, you gotta respect a guy who is confident enough in his manhood to admit that he is a Taylor Swift fan, or “Swiftie,” if you will. That’s a guy who gives zero f*cks right there, and doesn’t care what you think either.

And he’s a man of his word… at Giants practice last week, sure enough, ol’ Daboll was blaring Swift’s mega hit “22”as the team was stretching.

You can see the guy bobbing his head as he walks around talking to each player before they get a long day of practice started.

I may not be a Giants fan, and as a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan, I never will. But I’m officially a Brian Daboll fan now.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock