Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser Opens Up On Passion To Help Children Of Fallen Service Members: “I’m A Big Fan Of Second Chances For Kids”

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Cole Hauser certainly brings a rough and tough attitude to his Yellowstone character Rip Wheeler, and though he may share some qualities with his on screen role, Hauser is far more caring and giving in real life.

For over 20 years, the actor known for his cowboy role in Yellowstone has been working closely with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which gives educational scholarships to children of fallen service members.  So far in the charity’s existence, the organization has awarded more than 1,100 scholarships to children and families in need.

The mission of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is stated on their website, stating:

“The Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s enduring promise to America’s Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps Special Operations Personnel is to honor the fallen, and all Medal of Honor Recipients, by providing full educations and additional opportunities, “cradle to career” (preschool – college), to their children, ensuring:
(1) Comprehensive educational support 
(2) Provide immediate financial grants to severely combat-wounded, ill, and injured Special Operations Personnel who require hospitalization.”

The Yellowstone star sits on the charity’s board of directors and clearly has a passion for helping kids of military families who have lost their parents and are thus economically less fortunate. His giving attitude and passion to help others in the military community started with a gift of a ring from his grandfather, who was a World War II Marine and a Hollywood producer and screenwriter.

Ever since then, when Hauser isn’t working on a project making up his illustrious film and TV career, the actor is helping the less fortunate and those military families who are affected by tragic loss.

In the sit down interview with CBS Mornings, Hauser opened up about why he has decided to support and work with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation:

“I’m a big fan of second chances for kids when they lose a family member. It’s a huge loss for them.

Maybe it’s just my way of serving this country, the soldiers, and their families.”

Going a step beyond his charitable work, Hauser also went on a United Service Organization (USO) tour in Afghanistan. For those that aren’t familiar with the USO, they often work to bring celebrities and entertainers to to service members and their families while they are actively serving.

In addition to that, Hauser also made several private visits to Walter Reed Medical Center, which provides world class health care to active military members, veterans, and their families. The actor made many connections in his visits, saying:

“There was about 4 or 5 guys that I stayed in touch with for many, many years. Some have committed suicide unfortunately, some are still alive and doing well.

It was a very educational time for me as a young man in my 20’s.”

Hauser revealed that there was one particular military member that he would visit at Walter Reed that was a triple amputee. The friendship he developed with the man who had been through so much allowed for Hauser and him to bond, even leading to the Yellowstone star saying things like:

“I walked in and said ‘God, you look like a rat’s ass.’ But it got him to smile, you know? And then we would start talking and it would break the ice.”

That sounds like something Rip Wheeler would say to me.

And in regards to continuing his selfless legacy, much like his Yellowstone character does, Hauser spoke highly of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation that he so graciously works with, stating:

“I think it’s as good as it gets. The human element of wanting to help just to see somebody go through that moment of grace is like ‘ahh.'”

Watch the full interview with Cole Hauser below:

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