Red Stag Lets Out “Dinosaur Like” Roar Deep In The Woods

Red Stag

Imagine hearing this while you are in the woods and not knowing what animal it came from? I’d legitimately be concerned that I had somehow accidentally wandered into Jurassic Park.

In the video, a hunter videos a red stag that has just walked into a sunny opening in the woods. Through the branches and leaves, an red stag can be seen briefly moving past a tree before letting out a bellowing roar.

Judging by the visible breath that extends from the massive stag’s mouth, it must be early in the morning or late at night in a colder climate.

Red stags are one of the largest deer species in the world, native to most of Europe stretching across the Caucasus Mountains region and into western Asia, as well as parts of northern Africa and the Middle East.

This one appears to be from Poland, and after roaring into the cold air, the he seemingly sniffs out the person filming the video. Maybe that’s why it was making loud noises in the first place?

Making direct eye contact with the camera, he begins to walk over into the woods where the person is standing. With breath still scarily exiting the large animal’s nostrils, the stag quickly makes its way over to the tree line to menacingly stare down the person holding the camera.

Step by step, the massive beast gets closer and closer, and though it looks like it knows a person is there, it doesn’t seem to be backing down.

The video unfortunately ends with the red stag still inching closer, so it’s unknown how the encounter finished up. If I had to guess, I would say it ended one of two ways:

– He eventually lost interest and went running through the woods while its oversized antlers knocked against low hanging branches.

– He takes down the man, knocking the phone to the ground, and this is the last known evidence we have of this hunter before he disappeared.

The first one definitely happened, so I’ll go ahead and put that second theory to rest…

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