NASCAR Fans Throw Punches In The Stands During The All-Star Race At North Wilkesboro

NASCAR fight

NASCAR is BACK in North Wilkesboro.

The Cup Series returned to the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway in North Carolina tonight for the annual All-Star Race, the sport’s first time at the track since 1996.

Kyle Larson won what turned out to be kind of a snoozer of a race.

But while there wasn’t much action on the track, it seems like there was at least some beating and banging in the stands.

Video posted to Twitter shows two corn-fed NASCAR bros throwing hands in the stands in the middle of the race.

It’s not clear what led to the brawl, but you see a man in a white t-shirt going after a guy in a gray shirt with a ponytail a row in front of him. The guy with the ponytail manages to get white shirt in a headlock, but he’s in an inferior position being down below white shirt, who lands a few good punches before police step in to break it up.

The fight’s fine, but there are a few other things that really make the video:

First, the guy with the ponytail fixing his hair after the fight’s over. Gotta make sure your flow doesn’t get messed up by a drunk redneck.

Then there’s the guy a few rows down who for some reason is wearing three baseball caps on his head. Were those new lights really that bright? And it looked for a minute there that he was thinking about jumping in on the action. Maybe those hats are where he keeps his superpowers.

And finally there’s the defeated look from white shirt guy as he’s pinned down to the ground by police. That’s a look that just screams “I’m realizing now I shouldn’t have drank that last beer.”

Just an all-around masterpiece. And thank God there was some action in the stands, because the race on the track left a lot to be desired.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock