Tom Brady To Be Honored With “Thank You Tom” Game At New England Patriots Home Opener

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The longtime New England Patriots quarterback is finally going home.

Tom Brady was drafted 199th by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, and that turned out to be a pretty good deal for both parties. Brady teamed up with future hall of fame coach Bill Belichick and the pair won six super bowls in the 20 years they were working together.

It’s easy to say that Brady will always be connected to New England, even though he left the team to take his talents down to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers following the 2019 season.

However, there had been a touch of “bad blood” between Brady and the Patriots following his departure from his longtime team.

Following Tom’s move to Tampa, many critics and analysts were saying that as much success as the coach and QB duo had together, both Brady and Belichick were ready to prove that they could have success on their own.

The GOAT went on to win another Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, whereas Belichick has put together some “okay” seasons, but mostly sulked in his worn out sweatshirts.

Fuel was added to the fire when Tom Brady “announced his retirement from football” the first time (funny that I have to give that clarification) and his thank you note mentioned nothing of the Patriots, a team with which he spent 20 years.

Here is his now infamous Instagram post announcing his first retirement if you want to reminisce:

Patriots fans were LIVID when they saw that post back in 2022, but we all know that retirement didn’t exactly “stick” with Brady and he came back to play another year for the Bucs.

Like the old saying goes, “time heals all wounds,” and it looks like New England is ready to welcome their beloved Super Bowl-winning quarterback with open arms based on this news from the Patriots.

Now that he has announced his retirement for a second time and it seems to be more permanent (maybe?), the Boston-based NFL team is going to throw a party for the man behind their 20 year dynasty.

Though the full NFL schedule has not been released, the Patriots have gone ahead and released a little bit of a “spoiler” regarding their first home game.

Their Tweet reads:

“12 is coming home.

Tom Brady will be honored at our home opener at Gillette Stadium. Full game info tonight at 8:00 PM on NFL Network.”

A “Thank You Tom” game, how nice.

The only thing that would make this news even better is if Brady somehow came out retirement again and ended up suiting up for the team the Patriots are playing against in their first home opener. That would be a little awkward, especially if the “3-time retired QB” walked out of the stadium with a win.

Knowing Tom Brady, I wouldn’t put it past him…

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