Man Takes Off Running, Falls On His Face When Coworker Scares Him With Bear Costume  

Black bear


When you stick a group of men working out in the middle of nowhere, they become boys again. The go back to joking around like teenagers and work pranks are always a treat.

Remote areas lead to some of the best chances to have wildlife encounters. Many people that work in these areas do it so they can see these things, but some people have very different motivations.

Black bears are a common sight in many parts of North America. In remote areas, there can be more bear encounters as they don’t know what people are.

Black bears are the smallest of the three bear species found in North America, with boars weighing up to 600 pounds at most.

Oilfields are often located in remote areas where black bears are known to roam. These areas can become a food haven for bears with lots of garbage being put into an area. These bears get accustomed to access to food and hang around.

This leaves many workers in these areas always on the lookout for bears. Having worked in a camp like this, it’s not always a great treat being surprised by a black bear first thing in the morning.

These fellas were having some good ol’ work fun. One guy is dressed up in a bear costume hiding behind a building as his buddy gets it all on video.

A man comes walking and as he rounds the corner, the bear dressed man jumps out growling at him.

He takes off in a full sprint, thinking a real black bear is hot on his tail. They keep the act up and chase him a bit as everyone else laughs. The man actually catches a toe and completely eats it into the dirt.

What. A. Prank.

I can’t say it wouldn’t have got me, but definitely never run from a bear.

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