Throwback To 49 Winchester’s Isaac Gibson Playing A Solo Version Of “Veruca Salt”

49 winchester

Truly digging this one from the archives.

A young Isaac Gibson, lead singer from 49 Winchester, laying down a phenomenal solo of “Veruca Salt.”

We all know and love their most recent album release Fortune Favors The Bold, but their 2018 album, The Wind, has some overlooked masterpieces on there.

One of which is “Veruca Salt.”

The studio recording of this tune perfectly captures the roots of 49 Winchesters sound. It’s soulful yet incorporates folk roots and honky tonk guitars. A delicate balance that makes their sound so unique and addicting.

Five years ago when the group was getting their feet under them, lead singer Isaac Gibson sat down to give an acoustic solo performance of “Veruca Salt.” The play on words from the soiled Willy Wonka character, the lyrics of this tune cut deep.

“And it ain’t no wonder this bridge was bound to burn and baby I don’t understand
Quitе what I did to earn such a cruel cruel lovеr, oh and I’m an honest man
Just playin’ the hand I’m dealt ’cause the way that I felt
Baby it ain’t no wonder”

The simplicity of the song not only lets you digest the message written within the lyrics, but it also highlights the vocal talent of Gibson.

His grit combined with melancholy delivery is unreal.

As the years have gone on since this video, the groups talent as a whole continued to grow as they defined their sound even more.

But damn, is it fun to look back at old videos like this and seeing how much talent has been in them since the beginning.

Just for fun here is the studio version.

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