Nashville Hotel Manager Arrested After Allegedly Sneaking Into Guest’s Room And Sucking His Toes

Hilton Hotel Nashville

Welcome to the New Nashville

It seems like over the past couple years there’s no telling what kind of weird stuff you’re going to run into here.

I mean, from a guy slapping police with his colostomy bag outside of Kid Rock’s bar to a man peeing on other guests at Jason Aldean’s bar, downtown Nashville has turned into a cowboy hat costumed version of Bourbon Street mixed with the Vegas Strip and set to cover bands playing ’80s rock hits.

It’s a strange place these days.

Well apparently one visitor had a VERY strange experience at his downtown Nashville hotel this week, when he woke up to a man…sucking on his toes.

Peter Brennan was staying at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville, just a few steps from Broadway and right beside Bridgestone Arena, when he awoke to the stranger sucking on his toes around 5 AM and immediately called police.

According to Brennan, he recognized the man as a hotel staffer who had been in his room the day before to help fix an issue with the TV.

The strange toe sucker was identified as the hotel’s night manager David Neal, who told police officers that he had entered the room because he smelled smoke and wanted to check on the guest’s safety – although Neal never reported smelling smoke to hotel security, and nobody else reported it either.

Brennan has since filed a lawsuit against the hotel alleging that Neal had obtained a copy of his key card to enter his room, and also alleging that the hotel should have known that Neal has several criminal convictions on his record when they hired him – including a conviction for voluntary manslaughter from 1996.

Yeah, probably not the best guy to have around strangers while they’re sleeping.

As for Neal, he’s been arrested for aggravated burglary and assault, before eventually being released on a $27,000 bond.

The hotel issued a statement saying that they were working with police to investigate the strange – and disturbing – situation:

“The safety and security of our guests and team members is our highest priority. We are working closely with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, and, as part of company policy, we do not comment on ongoing investigations.”

Keep your head on a swivel if you’re in Nashville. As if bachelorette parties and flying colostomy bags weren’t enough to look out for, now you’ve got to guard your toes in your own hotel room…

Strange times in Music City.

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