Man Arrested At Jason Aldean’s Nashville Bar For Dropping His Pants And Peeing On Customers

Jason Aldean's Bar Nashville
Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Talk about making it rain…

If you’ve been to Nashville recently, you’ve probably been to at least some of these artist-owned (or at least artist-affiliated) bars on Broadway. Luke Bryan has his own bar, as do Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Kid Rock, John Rich, Dierks Bentley…the list goes on and on.

I usually avoid them (who am I kidding, I usually avoid Broadway altogether) because they’re overpriced tourist traps with bands that play more Journey covers than they do actual country music.

But if you need another reason to avoid them? Well, there’s apparently a greater than zero chance you’ll get pissed on inside one of these places.

That’s what happened to some unfortunate partygoers at Jason Aldean’s bar this past weekend when 23-year old Anthony Wade reportedly dropped his pants and began peeing on “multiple patrons” in the bar.

According to Scoop Nashville, when Metro Nashville Police Department officers arrived, “Wade was swaying and repeating his statements in an obvious state of extreme intoxication.”

Yet even after literally urinating on people in a bar, the police STILL gave Wade the opportunity to leave on his own and go back to a hotel, trying to convince him to get a friend to come get him.

So after pissing away his shot at freedom (sorry, I couldn’t resist), Wade was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Wade was ultimately released on a $100 bond, and the public intoxication charge has since been dropped.

Believe it or not (and if you’ve been to Nashville recently you’ll definitely believe it), this isn’t the first time somebody’s been arrested for peeing on people in a Broadway bar.

Back in 2019, a man was arrested after whipping it out on the balcony of Honky Tonk Central and showering the drunk crowd below.

And of course in 2021, there was the man who created a literal shitstorm outside of Kid Rock’s bar when he removed his colostomy bag and began swinging it at police.

So just remember, if you’re partying in Nashville, keep your head on a swivel. Because being hit with bodily fluids always remains a possibility – and that’s something that you’re not going to just forget about when you leave Music City, no matter how drunk you are at Jason Aldean’s.

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