Travis Kelce Surprises Fans At Lainey Wilson Concert In Kansas City, Sings Josh Turner’s “Your Man”

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Travis Kelce sure knows how to party.

The Kansas City Chiefs star tight end is outspoken on many things, not the least being his love for some cold beers and good times. You have to imagine he was the leader of the wild Super Bowl parade that had some fans up in arms after the Chiefs took home the Lombardi last year.

When there’s a crowd of people and a microphone available, Travis is always willing to put on a show (or call out Cincinnati’s mayor on live TV) and last week was no different.

Lainey Wilson was playing a free show at The Coca-Cola Fan Zone in Kansas City during last week’s NFL Draft, and Travis obviously had the opportunity to attend.

As you may have guessed, he somehow found his way (what I assume to be drunkenly) on stage after Lainey’s performance with a hot mic in hand.

Dressed in one of the weirdest and dare I say ugliest outfits I’ve ever seen, the man did what he does best and got the crowd worked up to a fever pitch, showering praises on Lainey, mentioning the Super Bowl win, and then out of nowhere breaking into Josh Turner’s iconic song “Your Man”.

It wasn’t the world’s best performance, by my goodness do the people of Kansas City love this guy or what? He had them eating out of the palm of his hand as he did he best Luke Bryan hip shaking impersonation, and the crowd went bananas.

Heck, if I was a few Miller Lites deep in that crowd, no way I wouldn’t have absolutely loved it too.

The fact that Travis is a big Lainey Wilson fan just makes him even more of a stud in my book, but maybe next time have someone else pick out your clothes. Highlighter green with matching shoes isn’t the best look.

@jenelson73 Kelce in the house at Lainey Wilson concert! #chiefskingdom #kclive #laineywilson #traviskelce ♬ original sound – Jen

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