Post Malone Got Pat Mahomes & Travis Kelce’s Autographs Tattooed After They Smoked Him In Beer Pong 15 Times In A Row

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It’s hard not to like Patrick Mahomes.

Super Bowl champ, all-around nice kid, funny in interviews, and he backs it all up with phenomenal performances on the field day-in and day-out.

It’s also hard not to like Post Malone.

BIG Shania Twain guy (and country music in general), loves a cold Bud Light, also seems like a nice kid, pretty funny in interviews, and of course, as impressive an entertainer as anybody in the business. Did you see his Nirvana tribute set? Thing was surprisingly awesome.

Anyways, GQ just released their cover story on Patrick Mahomes for the August issue and in it, Pat offers up pretty epic story featuring himself, Post Malone, beer pong, and a tattoo.

Fresh off their Super Bowl victory, some of the fellas from the Chiefs got a box suite for the Post Malone show in Kansas City. Post invited them backstage to say hi before the show, one thing led to another, and the next thing you know, Mahomes and teammate Travis Kelce are going head-to-head with Post in a friendly game of beer pong. And they RAN THE TABLE on ’em.

“After nine or ten games, Post is interrupted by his manager. It’s time, he’s told, to take the stage. But Post waves him off. He needs to win a game. Finally, around the 14th or 15th game, Post decides he needs to up the stakes. He hands a piece of paper to Mahomes and Kelce, and he asks them to write their signatures, and he promises to tattoo the autographs onto his body—you know, like, permanently—if they can beat him again.”

Needles to say, Post lost again (kind of embarrassing for a guy that plays A LOT of beer pong) and already had a tattoo artist in the room, ready to go. After the show, the drunken signatures of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce were forever enshrined on the skin of Post Malone.

How about that for a story, and just a few days after winning the Super Bowl? AND, he’s only 24 years old. And of course, the kid just locked up an NFL contract for a half a bill. It is GOOD to be Patrick Mahomes right now.

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