Pearl-Clutching Chiefs Fans “Ashamed” Of Players’ Behavior During Super Bowl Celebration: “People Deserve Better Role Models”

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There’s no doubt that a lot of the players on the Kansas City Chiefs let loose and went hard celebrating their Super Bowl 57 victory at the parade last week.

For starters, quarterback Patrick Mahomes had his fair share of Coors Light, and handed off the Lombardi trophy to a random fan at one point during the parade:

Then, CB Jaylen Watson got so drunk that he had have himself wheeled home because he couldn’t walk…

And I’m sure there’s plenty more we didn’t see and most of them woke up with nasty hangovers, but hey, they’re Super Bowl champions and worked their asses off all season long, so they deserve to party and celebrate with fans as they see fit, in my opinion.

But of course, there were some Chiefs fans who were less than impressed with all the headlines about the drunken players, and quite a few of them wrote in to the Kansas City Star to complain.

In their Letters to the Editor series, the paper published a few of the letters they received in light of the rowdy parade, with quite a few of them complaining that they set a bad example for children.

Some were also upset that the players and fans were encouraged to participate in the “arrowhead chop”:

“The main reason is that a drinking Chief is not a good role model for young fans who are there to see their heroes. Second, even the adult fans don’t want to see drunken players at this important celebration. Third, tragic things happen when drinking is involved,” the person wrote.”

“Some Chiefs even bragged through social media about how drunk they were afterward. I am ashamed that players I cheered for could barely walk after they got off the bus. No doubt this spectacle made the news in other cities.”

“Next time there’s a victory parade, please imbibe your alcohol privately and discreetly. Impressionable young people deserve better role models than what you’ve displayed twice.”

“I was super embarrassed for my city and the Chiefs organization when announcer Mitch Holthus stood onstage with the players and insisted that everyone join in the ‘Arrowhead chop’ to cap off the celebration.”

“The Chiefs should be making every effort to protect its awesome brand by getting rid of the chop. Instead, all appearances Wednesday were that they still actively encourage it.”

And while there’s always a few people who are gonna complain about something, no matter what it is (like winning a Super Bowl, apparently), in all the pictures and video footage I’ve seen, it looks like everyone in the city had a helluva time, as they should

I have a feeling I know what Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce would have to say about all this…

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