Drunk Girl Thought She Spent The Night Hanging Out With Morgan Wallen In Viral TikTok Video

Drunk girl morgan wallen

Ahh, some good ole fashioned whiskey glasses.

Well, sorta…

A while back I remember seeing a video of a girl who thought she had met Morgan Wallen at a concert and proceeded to spend the entire night with him, until waking up in the morning and realizing that it was, in fact… not Morgan Wallen.

Well, that iconic video is making the rounds again and it’s high time we address the situation.

One, if Morgan Wallen was just meandering around a concert, don’t you think that there would be swarms of girls around at all times?

Two, I get how after a few shots you may do a double take if he walks by quickly, but come on, that is not him. Does she think every small town auto mechanic with a mullet and pit vipers is a country superstar?

Three, where were her friends? Did they just hang her out to dry as she disappeared with Etsy edition Morgan Wallen?

Four, did you have no questions about this? Not once asking for any type of proof that it was him? Nothing crossed your mind saying “Hmm, this seems a bit off.”

Of course, the people had a field day in the comments.

“Ta really let the liquor talk”

“That’s Worgen Mallen”

“You gotta be on the verge of alcohol poisoning if you think that Morgan Wallen”

“Great value Morgan Wallen”

“He like Wish version of Morgan Wallen”

“Morgan Walmart”

The comment section did not disappoint.

That being said it’s hard to know if this was an actual drunken mistake or just a TikTok trend where girls showcase some Morgan Wallen look-alikes.

Whether this particular instance was true or not, it’s hard to say, but nevertheless, I suppose it’s good news that people are this easily fooled.

Here’s a bunch more:

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