Man Gets A Surprise When Black Bear Cub Pops Out Of Stump As He Cuts Down A Tree

black bear

This could have ended poorly in so many ways…

Black bear are some of the most versatile animals out there.

They’re right at home in all types of terrain (including dumpsters), can swim, run, and climb trees faster than you think possible.

They also don’t mind being in close proximity to humans, which can cause all sorts of issues, like we see in this video.

Unfortunately, there’s not many details around where this took place or what the situation was, but a worker was tasked with cutting down two trees that had grown very close to one another when something entirely unexpected happened.

As he made the final cut and the trunks crashed to the ground, a black bear cub seemingly pops up right out of the stump and looks around before scampering off to safety.

I mean, what?

Was he living in the hollowed out base and was to scared to move when the workers arrived? It sure looks like the trees has seen better days and there was some room at the base. Or was he hiding in the brush next to it and hoped on top just for fun?

Either way, this could have gone all sorts of wrong. The tree could have fallen on the poor animal or it could have been cut by the chainsaw.

Or, the bear’s mama could be lurking just around the corner and the workers could be in some serious trouble.

Seemingly, all ended well and both man and bear got away unscathed, but my goodness that was close.

You just never know what you’ll find while out in the woods.

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