Golf Influencer Bri Teresi Shoots Up Bud Light Cans, Tampax Tampons, & Honey Birdette Lingerie In Protest Of Companies That Have “Gone Woke”

Bri Teresi

We’ve seen Bud Light receive a ton of backlash over the past few weeks for their move to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

We watched Kid Rock shoot up a bunch of cases of the beer with his assault rifle, Travis Tritt announced that he would be removing Bud Light from his tour hospitality rider, and John Rich from Big & Rich said that he was no longer selling the beer at his Nashville bar, Redneck Riviera.

Also, Riley Green changed the words from “Bud Light” to “Coors Light” in his song “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” at one of his concerts in Nashville, and Brantley Gilbert even smashed a Bud Light that was thrown to him by a fan at one of his shows.

So yeah, the company’s faced quite a bit of backlash.

In fact, recently it was announced that the VP responsible the marketing campaign would be “taking a leave of absence” amid the controversy.

And in one of the latest viral videos on the subject, social media golf influencer Bri Teresi, whose motto is “make golf sexy again,” took to her Twitter to post a video of herself shooting up a table full of Bud Light cans and Tampax Tampons in front of Honey Birdette lingerie, in protest of the three companies that she says have “gone woke.”

You can hear Teresi yell out before shooting the items:

“Go Woke, Go Broke.”

She also said in a reply to the video:

“I’m shooting at Honey Birdette lingerie, Tampax tampons & Bud Light. These companies have all gone woke!

Tampax tampons used a biological male to promote their tampons. Honey Birdette used a biological male to model their lingerie. & y’all know about Bud Light.”

Teresi has modeled for Honey Birdette in the past, but has refused to model for it anymore after they shared an ad of a male model in a three piece set of underwear.

Obviously Teresi’s video drew quite the reaction on social media, with many on the right applauding her for speaking out while others mocked Teresi for shooting products that she already owned, ultimately having no impact to the companies’ bottom lines.

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