Grizzly Bear Hauls Massive Waterlogged Bison Out Of The Water To Eat For Dinner

Grizzly bear yellowstone

This is an incredibly impressive feat of strength from this 600 pound grizzly bear to pull out this water-soaked deceased (headless) bison.

It is also a little gross to watch…

It appears that the large grizzly had eaten on the neck and head of the bison after it had drowned in the deceivingly deep body of water. The bear first tries to wade into the water to retrieve the bison, but finds out that the hole is a little too deep to easily handle it submerged in the water.

So, the bear literally shakes off the first attempt and improvises. It is able to get a decent grip on the (disgusting looking) bison and shows off its astonishing power by “bearing” its teeth (bear pun 1) and pulling out the large, dead animal.

The caption on the Instagram post reveals some very interesting information regarding the video. It first states:

“After feasting on the head and neck of this drowned bison, this 600 lbs grizzly decided it was time to haul the rest of his waterlogged meal out of the drink to enjoy.

By the looks of it, the bison has been in the water for some time. This is of little importance to the bear, who possesses a few adaptations that allow him to consume this easily accessible meal without getting sick.”

If you were wondering like I was, apparently the bear’s stomach is going to be able to handle this gross looking bison. The thing looks like the old woman in the bath tub from The Shining.

The caption goes on into more detail about the scientific and biological ways that the bear’s stomach can “bear” the rotten meat (bear pun 2):

“When it comes to actually digesting this stuff, grizzly bears have highly acidic stomach acids, which helps break down the proteins in the meat, but also neutralizes potentially harmful bacteria that may be present.

If they do somehow catch some bug that is resistant to their highly acidic first line of defense, grizzly bears also have a powerful immune system that is ready to lay waste to any potential pathogens they may encounter.”

So it seems as though grizzlies have an iron stomach, which works out nicely for this big bear. No other animal is going to mess with getting this bison out of the water, so the bear basically gets a free dinner.

I can “bearly” watch (bear pun 3) as the beast pulls out the bison from the water with its guts and intestines just hanging out.

It’s pretty gross, and I would say that the video is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach.

Watch the powerful grizzly “get its take-out meal” below:

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