Security Company, Big Loud Records Head Respond To “False Claims” Made By Security Guard In Viral Video At Cancelled Morgan Wallen Concert

Morgan Wallen
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The rumors surrounding Morgan Wallen‘s ill-fated concert on Sunday in Oxford, Mississippi continue to fly.

Morgan canceled his performance on Sunday just before he was set to take the stage, revealing that he had lost his voice after his show Saturday night and despite working all day Sunday to get it back, wasn’t able to recover in time for the show:

“After last night’s show I started losing my voice so I spent the day resting up, talking to my doctor and working through my vocal exercises trying to get better.

I really thought I’d be able to take the stage and it kills me to deliver this so close to showtime, but my voice is shot and I am unable to sing.

All tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. I am so sorry, I promise you guys I tried everything I could.”

Immediately after the announcement, rumors began to fly on social media (because of course they did) that he may not have actually lost his voice at all.

Of course there’s no evidence that Morgan was out partying Saturday night, or that the cancelation was for any reason other than Morgan losing his voice, but still, you know how social media goes.

The rumors were further fueled by a viral video of a security guard at the show, who claimed that Morgan was so drunk that “he couldn’t walk” and had to be taken out of the stadium in an ambulance:

“The losing his voice is bull crap. Too drunk and the ambulance took him off. We got told by the head of security.”

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Morgan’s Label And The Security Company Respond

Well now the company that employs the security guard is responding to the claims.

In a statement released by BEST Crowd Management on Instagram, the company is calling the claims made by the guard false, saying that they don’t stand behind the statements made by the security guard and referring fans to Morgan’s social media pages for more details.

“A hired employee of BEST Crowd Management made false claims as it related to last night’s Morgan Wallen concert and we do not stand behind the detail in his statement. Please refer to Morgan’s social media pages for details.”

Morgan Wallen

The statement was also shared by Seth England, CEO of Morgan’s record label Big Loud Records, with a note not to believe everything you read:

“Thank you Best Crowd Management for correcting your employee, who made up an entire story that was nowhere close to true. Every detail was false. Laughable what some people will just say for a reaction.”

Morgan Wallen

Morgan has also rescheduled the next three shows of his tour, and comments from people who were at the show on Saturday night have said that it was clear that the singer wasn’t feeling well and seemed to be losing his voice.

So unless some evidence comes out to the contrary, it doesn’t seem like there’s much to these rumors other than some pissed off fans on social media trying to start drama.

Lawsuit Filed Against Morgan Wallen Over Canceled Concert

One fan is even taking the issue off of social media and into the courtroom.

Brandi Burcham, a resident of Prentiss County, Mississippi, filed the lawsuit in federal court today, alleging breach of contract and negligence against the country music star.

According to the complaint, Burcham purchased tickets to the ill-fated concert and also “incurred other out-of-pocket expenses in connection” with the show. And she says that despite the fact that refunds were promised to all ticketholders, “no offer has been made to reimburse concertgoers for other out-of-pocket expenses they incurred in connection with the cancellation, including transportation, lodging, food, merchandise sales, transaction fees, and other such expenses.”

Burcham asks that the court certify her lawsuit as a class action suit on behalf of all persons who purchased tickets for the show, and alleges that concert attendees were third-party beneficiaries of Morgan’s contract with the University of Mississippi. She claims that due to Morgan not performing, ticketholders were “deprived of the concert performance they paid to see through no fault of their own.”

She also claims that Morgan “assumed a duty to exercise due and reasonable care” to protect the financial interest of ticketholders, which includes “ensuring foreseeable cancellations are announced in a timely manner.”

The lawsuit asks that Morgan be ordered to pay the damages for money lost by his fans, as well as interest and attorneys’ fees.

I guess you could say she’s a little upset about all the money she “Wasted On You,” Morgan.

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