British Tourists Drunkenly Try Waffle House For The First Time, And Their Minds Were Blown

Waffle House

Is there anything more American than drunkenly eating Waffle House at 3 AM?

Stumbling through those glass doors and sliding into that hard wooden booth after a night of partying, knowing that your future is about to be filled with smothered and covered hash browns made with love by a cook who may or may not have been smoking a cigarette and wearing an ankle monitor while he was standing at the grill?

It’s basically a rite of passage here in America. A pilgrimage made by millions of drunk college students and other degenerates every single night. And it’s amazing.

I mean, where else are you going to get an entire restaurant drunkenly breaking out into a Luke Combs song, while also knowing you’re protected by a staff that will literally throw hands and dodge chairs to take care of their customers when shit inevitably hits the fan?

Nowhere but the Waffle Home.

And two British tourists recently got the experience for themselves – and had their minds absolutely blown.

Josh Clarke is a TikTok creator from England who’s built up quite a following here in America, trying all kinds of American foods and learning about all the weird shit we have – and do – over here in the new world.

And he’s currently on his first trip to America to get a look at our culture and our country for himself.

Well of course no trip to America would be truly complete without a drunken trip to Waffle House, so when Josh and his travel buddy Jase found themselves hitting up the WaHo after a night of partying, I’m not sure that they were ready for what they were about to experience.

@imjoshfromengland2 Replying to @Jasmine Gee @Josh & Jase ♬ original sound – imjoshfromengland2

Both men went with the Texas bacon cheesesteak melt, along with a side of the famous hashbrowns.

And when they went in for the kill, you can see the moment that their lives changed forever.

“What’s it taste like?”


“That is some good shit. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m drunk, but this tastes incredible.”

“Really good. 10 out of 10.”

In fact it was so good that Jase was already ordering another round before he was done with his first one.

@imjoshfromengland2 @Josh & Jase ♬ original sound – imjoshfromengland2

Welcome to America boys. Glad you’re getting the true experience.

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