Rare White Dolphin Spotted Off The Florida Coast

White dolphin

That is one pretty aquatic mammal.

A family beach trip is sure to have two specific things: Blotchy sun burn and your dad spending hours trying to spot a dolphin.

Can’t blame him though, dolphins are undeniably cool animals.

They’re incredibly smart and have been used by militaries to protect potential underwater targets. They fight sharks, leap through the air, and sleep half of their brain at a time to remain able to breathe and aware of threats.

Oh, and they get high on pufferfish, but that’s only for recreational purposes…

Steven A. Thompson was watching the water from his balcony in Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin, Florida when he noticed a dolphin, but not a typical one.

This dolphin was pure white instead of the typical sleek gray.

White coloration, called hypopigmentation, on a dolphin is very rare. In fact, this may be the only one of its kind in the region.

About a year ago, a dolphin named Cherub was spotted in the Clearwater Canal, around 5 miles south of Dunedin, and Hannah Rogers, a rescue biologist at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, said they believed Cherub to be the only one in the area. It wasn’t confirmed whether this was a separate dolphin or the same one.

Regardless, what a cool find.

Just like white moose, there’s something so cool about seeing a creature be pure white when they shouldn’t be.

Nature forever impresses.

Orca Whale Launches Dolphin Into The Air

If there was an award for the most perfect hunting machine in the whole wide world, I would probably have to vote for orcas to win.

Orcas are might be the craziest, most savage animals on earth.

According to Nature Is Metal… they’re the wolves of the sea.

“In the ocean hierarchy, the orca is the apex of the apex, one of the most versatile and fearsome hunters on the planet.

They hunt in pods so they can communicate and strategize on the fly, they make surviving in the ocean look easy because they are so good at it.

Orcas grow to an average length of 30-feet and an average weight of 11,000-pounds. Keep that in mind as you let this particular cetaceans hangtime register.

That should tell you all you need to know how other animals operate around these wolves of the sea.”


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