Rare White Moose Seen Walking Across The Road With Ever Rarer White Calf

White moose

Ya gotta love to see it…

Seeing a rare version of any animal is always a treat. Stuff like this usually only happens once-in-a-lifetime.

Moose are always a site to see being the largest member of the deer family. These beasts can grow up to 1,500 pounds. Take an already amazing animal and turn it to the opposite color it normally is and we have ourselves something amazing.

White moose are not fully albino as they have pigmentation in their eyes and hoofs, but still have fully white fur.

It’s definitely a very rare sight in the wild. The odds of one even existing are quite slim. It’s estimated that only one in every 30,000 moose is born with a genetic mutation that causes its fur to be white. This mutation is caused by a recessive gene that both parents must carry to produce a white moose offspring.

While the odds of a white moose being born are already low, the chances of a white moose giving birth to another white moose is even lower. This is because the recessive gene that causes white fur must be present in both parents for the offspring to inherit it.

These people witnessed the spectacular and even managed to catch it on video.

A big ol’ white moose cow is seen crossing a road, as the video pans her calf comes into view, who is always a white moose. The walk off the road and away, probably never to be seen again.

This is one of those things that just don’t happen.

Nature is great.

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