Damar Hamlin Has Been Fully Cleared Return To Football Only Months After Suffering Cardiac Arrest On Field

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It’s still crazy trying to process everything Damar Hamlin has been through over the past few months.

The Buffalo Bills safety suffered a cardiac arrest on the field while playing the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football, where he had to be resuscitated on the field.


He was taken to the hospital, where he had to be resuscitated for a second time, and has somehow been able to recover from the near death situation.

Although Hamlin was able to recover, the question still remained…

Will he ever be able to play football again?

Bills GM Brandon Beane told USA Today back in February:

“We want to make sure we’re hearing everything. Assuming he gets full clearance, I know he would want to play. I know that’s his end game, to continue playing. We want to make sure we’re all in sync, assuming the doctors say at some point… we’re in agreement that we’re okay putting him out there, too. So far, all is well with his testing, and we’ll let that continue.

If he’s able to get full clearance and he feels he’s ready to do it, that’s another big smile of a story. Not that he just got his life back, but he would have his football career back and have an opportunity to go out there and play. 

We’ll continue to support Damar throughout this whole thing. I would love to give the storybook ending that he’s definitely going to play, but we don’t know that yet.

It will be a decision for Damar, but it will also be a decision for us.”

It was great news at the time no doubt, but it wasn’t for certain if Hamlin would make a return.

However, that has all changed today, as ESPN tweeted out:

“Damar Hamlin has been ‘fully cleared’ to resume football activities, Bills GM Brandon Beane announced.”

According to Pro Football Talk, Beane said in an announcement:

“They’re all in agreement — it’s not two to one or three to one or anything like that — they’re all in lockstep of what this was and that he is cleared to resume full activities just like anyone else that was coming back from an injury. He’s fully cleared. He’s here. And he is of the mindset — he’s in a great headspace — to come back and make his return.”

Great news – and nothing short of a miracle that we may see Hamlin on the field this fall after what we all witnessed – and what he’s been through – just a few short months ago.

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