Bodycam Footage Shows First Responders Working To Save Jeremy Renner’s Life After Horrific Snowplow Accident

Jeremy renner

It’s still insane to me that Mayor of Kingstown actor Jeremy Renner is up on his feet, after he was ran over by a 14,000 pound snowplow while he was clearing a path at his Lake Tahoe, Nevada home.

He had to be airlifted to the hospital, where it was later reported that he suffered significant injuries to his leg, chest, head and neck, breaking over 30 bones, puncturing a lung and a kidney.

One source close to him even said that the injuries were much worse than anybody knows, and it’s a miracle that he even survived in the first place.

However, Renner has defied the odds, and was released from the hospital later in January.

He has since posted a few positive videos, like of himself walking on a specialized stabilizing, anti-gravity treadmill:

“It’s less weight, it’s like having a cane…”

He has also made some appearances for interviews, like with ABC’s Diane Sawyer, where he admitted:

“I’d do it again… Yeah, I’d do it again because it was going right at my nephew.”

And also on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he joked about being thrown in a “janitor’s closet” because the hospital was so full. He also said he made a scene to the nurses while he was hopped up on medication:

“I’m going back to this hospital this week to apologize to every one of those nurses.”

And now, we’re finally getting the police bodycam footage from that near death day.

According to the New York Post, you can hear one person say in the footage:

“It was horrible. I thought he was going to die, man. I’m holding him and his color is just going.”

Renner’s nephew, Alexander Fries, also told the police what happened:

“He went up and turned around, got out to tell me something and then that’s when it started coming at me, like, full force.

That’s when he tried to jump back in there. Right where his blood is at, that’s right where it all happened.

He tried to jump on it, into the thing, and it took him under.”

Needless to say, it’s hard to imagine what was going through everybody’s minds on the scene.

An incredible job by the first responders who arrived on scene quickly and got to work to save Renner’s life… heroes by definition.

Check it out:

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