Ski Lift Malfunction Sends People Flying Like Ragdolls In Classic Viral Video

Ski lift crash

Holy hell…

Go skiing they said, it will be fun they said.

I completely forgot about this video from a couple winters ago at the Gudauri resort in the country of Georgia until it recently made the rounds again.

In the videos which you can see below, the ski lift malfunctions (that’s a major understatement) and goes full throttle, nonstop, flinging people through the air like ragdolls and destroying the chairs in the process.

Once people catch wind of what’s going on, they begin to jump off early, but some aren’t as lucky and got banged up pretty good.

ABC News reported that 11 people were injured, with eight being taken to the hospital. Nobody had life-threatening injuries. Initially it was thought that the malfunction was mechanical, but after the investigation was completed it was determined that it was in fact human error.

Georgia’s Economy Minister, Dimitry Kumsishvili, said:

“Based on the records from a memory device installed on the equipment, it was determined that on March 16, there was a voltage drop, which stopped the ski-lift.

However, after the ski-lift stopped, the operator should have turned on a nearby diesel generator to bring skiers to a point from where they would have been able to get off and vacate the ski-lift.”

This is insane.

If you’ve never seen this, buckle up…

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