Phil Robertson Drops A Deer In A Full Sprint, Does A Full Flip As It Goes Down

Hunt deer

What. A. Shot.

When you’re famous for hunting, you’re probably pretty good at it though…

There’s few as well known as Phil Robertson, who starred in the TV series Duck Dynasty for 5 years. Phil rose to fame through the creation of their family duck calls sold under the brand Duck Commander that are known far and wide as some of the best on the market.

Phil has a great story of getting into the outdoors business. He attended Louisiana Tech University on a football scholarship, but left the team after his sophomore year to pursue his passion for hunting and the outdoors.

He actually started over Terry Bradshaw when he was a quarterback there, and then Terry became QB1 following Phil’s departure.

Leaving his football career opened the door to as much hunting as he could dream of.

Over the years Phil clearly got his share of hunting experience. Although the Robertsons are known for their duck hunting escapades, they are just plain old avid outdoorsmen at the end of the day. The will hunt and fish it all.

This video shows the skillset Phil Robertson has from a life long career as a dedicated hunter and outdoorsmen.

Very few could make a shot like this, and even then, it’s pretty wild.

A deer is seen in a full sprint, Phil lines it up and confidently takes his shot. He nails it right in the neck for the killshot, sending the deer straight to the ground. With the momentum of it running the deer does a full front flip before coming to a stop.

That is impressive.

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