Go Behind The Scenes Of 49 Winchester’s Grand Ole Opry Debut

49 winchester

Couldn’t be any happier for the 49 Winchester boys.

Last year, the group from Castlewood, Virginia, made their debut on country music’s biggest stage, the Grand Ole Opry.

It was a long time coming and the guys made sure to soak up every moment, which we get to see thanks to a video made by the folks at the Opry.

Frontman Isaac Gibson spoke on going from small town Appalachia to the bright lights of Music City.

“When we first started this band and didn’t know where it would go or if we’d ever get out of the immediate area we were in or anything, people would jokingly say “When are you gonna play the Grand Ole Opry?”

I didn’t know it would be today but it’s later this evening so there’s their answer I guess.”

He went on to talk about how deeply the bandmembers are connected, rooted in being raised just down the street from each other.

“Me and Chase have known each other since before we were really even old enough to have memories. I don’t know a life without this guy in it. Bus became our friend really early on too.

Noah, we’re all from the same little podunk town in the middle of Appalachia and we grew up real close to each other and been doing this since we were in school, man.”

Of course, the guys played their breakout hit from Fortune Favors The Bold“Russel County Line”, which will give you the chills every time you take a listen.

Life on the road isn’t an easy one, especially when there’s family at home waiting, but making sure they know your heart stays at home regardless of where work takes you, that’s just damn beautiful.

“And if you wonder where my heart is when I’m out on the roadIt’s right at home, I left it honey just for you to holdAnd if you wonder how I’m doing, know that I am doing fineBut I wish I was in Virginia on the Russell County line…”

The wave of success couldn’t have happened to a better group of guys and heading overseas with Luke Combs is going to do nothing but bring their music to a bigger audience.

We’ve heard some rustlings about a new project coming soon and I think I speak for country music fans around the world when I say I absolutely cannot wait.

Also, check out that Whiskey Riff hat on my man Bus…

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