49 Winchester Strikes Gold With New Album, ‘Fortune Favors The Bold’

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Joshua Black Wilkins

The best record released so far in 2022, don’t be surprised if it still remains on top at the year’s end.

The truth is, you should have seen this coming from miles away…

One of the hottest bands in country music, the Appalachian soul outfit from Castlewood, Virginia, has been gaining momentum for years, and everything seems to be coming to fruition with their fourth album and New West Records debut, Fortune Favors The Bold.

These road warriors have toured relentlessly and improved upon their craft with each album they have released, and as a result, their fanbase has been growing rapidly.

Their third and previous album, aptly titled III, has brought 49 Winchester some of the recognition they have long deserved putting their genre-bending sound on the map. But now it is time 49 Winchester, one of the most underrated bands out there, gets their big break, and joins the top-tier of the non-mainstream country bands.

I mean, just look at some of their upcoming tours with bands like Whiskey Myers and Shane Smith & the Saints. With this most recent release, I think they have done something every band wishes they could do.

Fortune Favors The Bold’s 10 song tracklist weaves gracefully between honky tonk heartbreakers and boot stomping barn burners, masterfully capturing the highs and lows of life on the road as well as life in the heart of Appalachia. The lyrics, written entirely by frontman Isaac Gibson, paint a vivid image of these concepts in a way that beautifully juxtaposes his dynamic vocals with the heavy content of the music. And it’s a powerful thing.

But Gibson sure isn’t the only one to thank for the record. He may stand front and center, rocking his signature beard and sunglasses combo, but each member of the band brings something special to the table.

And if you have ever caught a live concert, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Gibson primarily sings and plays guitar on the album, but the rest of the band consists of Bus Shelton on the electric and baritone guitars, Chase Chafin playing bass guitar, Noah Patrick shredding the steel guitar, Don Eanes on the piano, organ, and keys, and Dillon Cridlin taking care of drums and percussion.

Together, these guys recorded and co-produced Fortune Favors The Bold with Stewart Myers, who also provided some backing vocals and percussion for the album, at White Star Sound in Louisa, VA. They also recorded with Kenny Miles at Fat Baby Studios in Whitesburg, KY.

Prior to today’s album release, 49 Winchester had already released four singles for the album; “Annabelle,” “Russell County Line,” “Damn Darlin’,” and “All I Need.” All of which kept the fans wanting more.

And while I can honestly say that each song is spectacular in its own right, and there is not a single weak link on the entire album, here are a few of the new songs that especially stand out to me.

“Hillbilly Daydream”

“Fortune Favors the Bold”

“Last Call”

Take my word for it, and go listen to the album. You will not be disappointed.

49 Winchester’s Fortune Favors The Bold is going to be difficult to beat for the best album of 2022.

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