This Viral Video Of Wild Animals Seeing Themselves In Mirrors Is Absolute Gold


Every once and a while, a video like this comes along where a wild animal sees their own reflection. Somehow, even though I’ve seen something like it time and time again, the reactions of these animals never get old.

The video shows three different animals with three separate reactions to seeing themselves in the mirror.

The shock that some of the animals exhibit is similar to the shock I experience when I see my own reflection after a night out at the bar.

The first one is a night vision shot of a panther strolling by the mirror. Its confident and careful walk is disrupted as soon as it sees itself, and the wild animal goes into full defense mode. A jolting movement into a retreating stance is caught on the video, with the big cat then showing its teeth and growling as it peers right into its biggest enemy: itself.

The next to walk by the reflective material is what the internet has identified as either a pudu or capybara. We’ll go with the capybara. The exact species doesn’t really matter because we are just focused on the small animal’s reaction.

As it strolls down the hill, it catches a glimpse of itself and incredibly jumps out of the frame. Based on the lateral jumping ability the animal showcased, I believe it could rival the “from the free throw line” dunk by Michael Jordan (if you were able to teach it the game of basketball).

Lastly, we have a strutting jaguar walking through the wilderness, and I personally think it’s the best reaction of the three. When the big cat first sees itself in the mirror, it becomes hesitant. However, unlike the other two, the jaguar is more intrigued by the reflection than anything.

The big spotted cat gets up close and personal with the mirror, and even becomes playful towards the end. Evidently, the animal thinks highly of itself and has a rather high self esteem. The caption for the video on Twitter most closely applies to the jaguar’s mirror experience:

“Damn, I’m handsome!”

Seems like the animal kingdom has mixed reactions on the invention of the mirror.

I’ve always wondered what goes through an animal’s mind when they see their own reflection, and this video at least gave us a glimpse into their thought process.

And since I love Saturday Night Live, I would be remiss if I didn’t link in the classic skit of Mick Jagger talking to himself (Jimmy Fallon playing Jagger) in the mirror.

I think the leopard in the video had an experience closest to this:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock