Texas Wildlife Officials Stumped By Viral “Mystery Animal” Captured On Trail Cam

Mystery animal

A “mystery animal” was spotted running around in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas, at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park, and park officials have been left dumbfounded.

They had to ask for social media’s help in an effort to identify the strange looking furry creature that was caught on video from one park visitor’s trail camera.

The park wrote:

“We’re scratching our heads trying to identify this elusive creature. Is it a new species? An escapee from a nearby zoo? Or just a park ranger in disguise?

Regardless, it’s thrilling to see such an incredible animal in its natural habitat.”

To me it almost looks like a bear and a mountain lion had a love child, but hell, if park rangers and other wildlife officials can’t put their finger on what exactly this thing is, then I’m probably not even in the ballpark.

People were flooding the comments with their best guesses, with everything from a bear, to a beaver, a wolverine, capybara, otter, or even a pregnant badger, given its large size.

All I have to say is that you won’t ever catch me walking around a state park at night, knowing what could be lurking only a few feet away with absolutely no idea what it is.

To each their own, I guess.

Following the viral reaction, Texas Wildlife officials added that it is most likely a badger:

“We agree with most of the comments that this is very likely an American Badger (not to be confused with the Honey Badger that lives in Africa and Asia and is rumored to not care very much).

To clarify, this photo was taken by a park visitor and we do not have an exact location where this photo was taken, except it was indeed in the RGV. While American Badgers are not commonly seen in the valley (partly due to their nocturnal behavior), this is part of their natural range.”

But see for yourself:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock