This “Alien Deer” Named Biscuit Looks Like It Came From Another Planet

Muntjac deer

What in the hell did I just watch?

I feel like I just stepped into a scene from Stranger Things, because this creature looks like its either from Hell or outer space.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my knowledge of Muntjac deer is little to none, mainly because, well… they’re not indigenous to America. This deer species originated in South and Southeast Asia, and has been seen in France, Germany, and Poland.

These days, you can find them in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, the Indonesian islands, Taiwan and Southern China. A small population exists in the UK, after they escaped from a local farm in the 1930s.

Known for their bizarre physical features, this deer species features tusks which males will use for fighting, in addition to their short antlers.

Like many animals, the glands are primarily used to mark territories, and as a social display, that can begin to flare up around fellow creatures and humans that they aren’t familiar with.

And another interesting fact about these deer, is that they’re also known as “barking deer,” due to the loud barking sound they let out in certain situations.

So, let me introduce you to Biscuit, a Muntjac deer that is kept as a pet in Texas.

The first thing that will pop out at you (literally) are the glands around the eyes that appear to flare out every time Biscuit breaths.

Michael Sclafani, the man who originally took this wild video, wrote in the caption:

“The deer in the video is named Biscuit. He is a Muntjac deer that lives in Texas.

These deer exhibit strange behaviors when around new smells and people. The glands around the eyes and forehead open up which is unique to this species.”

I’m telling you, this is a deer from the future that came from the same planet as the beast in the Predator movies… can’t tell me otherwise.

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