Squirrel Politely Asks For A Drink From A Family’s Bottle Of Water


Faith in humanity restored.

This might be one of the best animal videos I’ve ever seen. It looks like a family is walking through the park when a wild squirrel walks straight up to them and politely asks for water from one of the individual’s water bottles.

It is common knowledge that there is a big difference between “city squirrels” and “rural squirrels,” and this little guy has to be a concrete-jungle veteran. You wouldn’t ever see a rural squirrel walk up and beg for water like this. They have too much pride.

This squirrel clearly has some experience in asking for water since it motions its hands for the bottle. I know you usually aren’t supposed to feed wild animals, but is there a clause in that law if the animal is to ask nicely like this squirrel does?

The video is captioned “Nothing beats a kind heart,” and I think that applies for both the person that gave up their water bottle and the polite squirrel. Watch the feel-good video below:

I know I’ve said it 100 times in this article, but I can’t get over how nicely the squirrel asked for the water bottle. Give the squirrel some credit: the rodent is smart enough to know the universal sign/gesture of “gimme.” Thankfully, the person gives in and uncaps the water for the squirrel to drink, allowing for a video of the mannerly squirrel drinking straight from a water bottle.

And it wasn’t just a sip of water, this squirrel absolutely chugs the thing like it’s at a fraternity house. You can double check me, but I counted almost 30 straight seconds of water chugging for the city squirrel. It must’ve read that article about how much water you are supposed to drink in a day in order to be healthy.

At the end of the video, after the person has removed the bottle from the squirrel’s grasp, the squirrel just stays frozen for a second before trotting off. Maybe it hadn’t ever had that good of water before? Maybe it had that feeling you sometimes get when you drink too much of a liquid and you can feel it sloshing around in your stomach?

We probably won’t ever know for sure what the squirrel was thinking, but we all can assuredly say that everyone is better off for seeing this “sharing is caring” animal interaction video.

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