Green Heron Using Bread To Bait A Fish Is Just Pure Genius

Green heron

Never in a million years did I think a bird could have figured this out.

The green heron is native to North America and is commonly found around bodies of water in the eastern United States.

They mainly feed on small fish by wading into shallow water and using their long beaks to strike when an unfortunate one swims by, kinda like spearfishing, but sometimes, like we see in this video, they get an idea.

An absolutely genius idea.

For some reason, people love feeding bread to birds. I don’t get it, I never have, but go to any park and you’re bound to see some grandma sitting on a bench with a load of Wonder Bread, tossing pieces to the swarm of squawkers surrounding her.

Well, apparently someone was dolling out bread to this green heron when it got the idea to use a piece as bait to lure in a better meal.

The bird grabs a decent sized corner, makes its way to the bank, and begins tossing it out and retrieving it, just like you’d do with a crankbait or spinner.

Okay, obviously a pretty smart idea… but does it work?

At first, it appears the heron’s having some trouble. Fish are coming up and nibbling it, but they seem to be getting away with a quick snack and the piece gets smaller and smaller every time it’s brought in.

That is, until the last time, when the bird tosses out a crumb right in front of him then snaps up a little fish, looks like a baby largemouth bass, and struts away proudly to enjoy a well earned dinner.

That got me thinking he was letting the fish get some small pieces on purpose, bringing them in closer and closer until just the right moment.

Saying someone has a bird brain may not be the insult we thought it was…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock