Man Catches Bass With His Hand Like A Pro

Bass fishing

The hand catch is a dream.

Usually a fluky opportunity when it happens, but always a treat nonetheless.

Bass fishing is a popular across the board, they grow to decent sizes comparably and put up a solid fight. People will spend hours trying to catch them and some are even fortunate enough to make a career out of reeling them in.

That alone is enough to get me interested in all things bass… A career? Fishing? It seems like a dream, but there’s more than one professional fishing tours and some of the guys come away making GOOD money.

But, I will say, I bet this young man knows a thing or two about bass.

He is seen placing is hand in the water and strategically wiggling around a small minnow in the water. In flash a large mouth bass hammers his thumb and the man is able to grip onto its jaw before it can get away. He holds it up proudly to the camera.

Made it look easy…


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock