Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room Fully Lives Up To Its Name On Opening Night

Riot Room
Koe Wetzel's Riot Room

Koe Wetzel is shaking up the scene on 7th Street in Fort Worth, Texas.

The long-anticipated bar has finally opened its doors, and after the soft opening that happened this last night, Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room will be open the rest of the weekend.

Prior to the opening, the restaurant and bar shared on Instagram a lesser-than-tame hype video with the caption:


I had the pleasure of attending, and let me tell y’all.

It. Did. Not. Disappoint.

Koe putting his bar on 7th Street gives the restaurant/bar a perfect chance to yeehaw while keeping a slight club feel, mirroring how Koe himself likes to party.

Everything about this bar screams Koe.

Walking in, you see a taxidermy bull photo opt, followed by a large dance floor decked out in Texas decor. From deer mounts, “Texas AF” neons, guitars on the walls, and TVs everywhere (perfect for catching a few March Madness games).

With a large bar in the center of the building that offers inside and outside service and a smaller back bar, there is no reason for your drink to be empty while visiting Riot Room.

Ladies, be sure to make a stop in the restroom to see doors plastered in Koe’s face.

Outside of the decor screaming Koe, the atmosphere did the same. The soft opening (mind you, that also occurred during a massive tornado warning in DFW) was PACKED.

The bar was packed, and the dance floor followed as the DJ played the perfect mix of red dirt and classic country, like Turnpike Troubadours and Gary Stuart, and classic bar songs like the Wobble.

There was two-stepping, line dancing, and everything in between.

Although Koe could not make it to the soft opening due to his tour, his family rolled out in solidarity to support the grand opening.

They made it known they were ready to have a good time on Koe’s behalf as the bottle girls came out with the perfect sign that read:

We’re Ready To Riot.” 

Koe Wetzel’s Riot Room is a must-stop in Fort Worth… the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere are top-notch.

It’s wild, y’all…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock