Man Scares The Crap Out Of His Dog When He Puts On A Mountain Lion Rug

Mountain Lion rug

This is just cruel… and kinda hilarious at the same time.

For all of us with dogs, we all know that they tend to be a little skittish whenever they’re around somebody or something they’ve never seen before.

Ya know, they’re a little curious, a little scared…

But how does a dog react when it comes face to face with a cougar?

Well this family from Zeballos, British Columbia, tried to figure this out themselves with their dog, and needless to say, it’s pretty damn funny.

And how did they try this out, you may ask?

One of them snuck up on their one-year-old dog Cedar by covering themselves with a cougar rug.

They call Cedar outside, while the person in the cougar rug costume is hiding behind the truck.

Cedar starts to make its way around the front of the truck, and SHEESH.

Cedar jumps back about 15 feet, confused and startled as hell, and begins to bark, thinking that there’s actually a cougar staring right back.

A part of me thinks this is cruel, because Cedar may be scarred for life after this one, but another part of me wishes I had a cougar rug so I could mess with my own dog for a minute.


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