Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Is Gearing Up To Launch His Own Bourbon, “Bingham’s Bourbon”

Ryan Bingham bourbon

Unfortunately, we don’t have any further updates about the future of Yellowstone, regarding if there has been any sort of agreement between Kevin Costner and production over the film scheduling.

Yep, it appears we won’t be getting that second half of season five premiere this summer, and it’s looking like we’ll probably have to wait until November to see what all goes down.

Not to mention, we still aren’t sure if Costner will be returning to the show or not, and there’s a possibility that he could be replaced by Matthew McConaughey for a new spinoff series to continue the story.

Although we haven’t had a lot of good news to share about the show here lately, we do have one cool update regarding one of the actors on the show…

And I’m talking about Ryan Bingham.

According to Cowboys & Indians, the country singer who plays Walker on the show is gearing up to launch his very own bourbon, called “Bingham’s Bourbon.”

Bingham explained the inspiration behind the move:

“At one of my very first gigs in a tiny little Texas bar, the owner told me, ‘Kid, if you can keep people buying drinks, you’ll always have a gig here.

So in a way, that made me think as long as people are drinking and enjoying themselves, I’ll still have a job.”

He’s also drawn his inspiration from trips to places like Ireland and Scotland, in an effort to “perfect” the taste.

The bourbon is made with Texas-grown rye, wheat, barley, and corn, which Bingham calls the “distilled spirit of Texas,” and also:

“Enough character to sip by a fire and smooth enough for a shot at the bar with your mates.”

According to the website, the bourbon is 80 proof with an ABV of 40%, and in a statement, he says:

“A good friend once told me, take care of your art and your art will take care of you. Authenticity and integrity have always been at the heart of the songs and stories I tell, so when it came to making a whiskey that I could enjoy and share with my friends and fans, I knew the same standards would have to apply as well.

I’ve spent years travelin’ the world playing honky tonks and bars looking for a whiskey with enough kick and flavor to sip on the rocks, but smooth enough for a celebratory shot at the bar.

After searching high and low I decided to head home to Texas and make my own. I’m proud to now bring you Bingham’s Bourbon.”

There’s still no word on when the bourbon will drop, but this is definitely something to keep your eyes peeled for.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock